The Trinity Catholic School Board was established to assist the school in its mission of providing academic, spiritual, physical, emotional, and social development. The Board offers advice and counsel for such topics as strategic planning, policy formulation, institutional development, and financial planning. The School Board meets once a month and is comprised of parents and community members who are interested in maintaining the high quality education that has become a Trinity tradition.  

School Board Members (2023-2024)

Interim President - Karen Reynolds (Retired TCS Faculty,  Parent of Alumni) 
Treasurer - Art Pearson (CPA, Parent of Alumni)
Secretary - Lori Kenney (Parent of Alumni)
Stephanie Steiger (Parent of Alumni)
Mackenzie Verburg (Parent)
Caitlin Carroll (Parent)
Jacob Dodd (Parent)
Darcy Antonucci-Musico (Parent)
Matt Victory – H&S Representative (Parent)
Stephanie Talamo – Faculty & Staff Representative (Parent)
Peter Myles - Principal


2023 -2024 Meeting Schedule* 
September 26th
October 24th
November 28th
December 19th
January 30th
February 27th
March 26th
April 30th
May 28th
June 18th
*Dates are subject to change

Trinity Catholic School “Corporation”:

The Bishop, Vicar General of the Diocese, Chancellor of the Diocese, School Office of the Diocese, and the Chair of the Board of the Trustees

The Bishop has the right of vigilance and the authority to issue prescriptions dealing with the general regulation of Catholic Schools and has exclusive jurisdiction over matters regarding religious education and the Catholic Identity of the Catholic Schools in the Diocese, as chief representative of the Church’s teaching authority.

Mission: To operate, manage, support, develop, and promote Trinity Catholic School           

Board of Trustees
            Minimum 7; maximum 17 members
            3 year terms OR until a successor has been elected; up to three consecutive 3 year term


Commitment to goals of the Corporation
Willingness and ability to serve on Board of Trustees
Must be at least 18 years of age
Values and behavior consistent with tenants of Roman Catholic Church    
Do NOT need to be a resident of NY State

         Officers:          Chair (President): Karen Reynolds, Interim Chair
                                  Vice Chair: vacant
                                  Secretary: Lori Kenney
                                  Treasurer: Arthur Pearson

                                   Each officer may serve unlimited 1 year terms
                                   Vacancies will be filled by Trustees with approval of Members for the
                                   remainder of the term.  Officers may hold more than one office with the
                                   exception of that they may not hold both the Chair and Secretary

          Ad Hoc Members:       1 Staff Representative: Stephanie Talamo (2 year term; unlimited terms)
                                                 1 Parent Representative: Matt Victory (designated officer of Home & School Association)
                                                  Both are non voting members who serve in advisory capacities